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The Jim Polito Show

Jim Polito hands out the red pills every weekday morning. He is the antidote to the mainstream media. Jim was an award-winning investigative...Full Bio

Breaking Bread with Joe Piantedosi 6-23-24

Ride Report with Attorney John Haymond for 06-21-24

Great rides this weekend. Attorney John Haymond delivers the Ride Report.

Daily Best of 06-21-24

On Friday's show Jim talks about what he thinks the reaction will be next Friday following Thursday nights Presidential debate, Rory O'Neil joins the show to discuss super commuters, and Jim takes your calls for Freestyle Friday

Daily Best of 06-20-24

On Thursday's show Jim talks about the big debate takes place one week from tonight, Rory O'Neil joins the show to discuss people and how much they should have in their "rainy day fund," and if Jim could give Donald Trump one piece of advice for the debate what would it be?

06-19-24 Jimmy Failla Segment

Where was former cabbie Jimmy Failla when Justin Timberlake needed a ride? The Fox News star makes a stop with Jim.

Daily Best of 06-19-24

On Wednesday's show Jim talks about Juneteenth, Rory O'Neil joins the show to discuss the current heat wave going on in the Northeast, and what does a new poll suggest about Biden voters?

06-18-24 Craig Peterson Segment

Is Bill Gates going green and nuclear? Tech Talk Guru Craig Peterson explains.

Daily Best of 06-18-24

On Tuesday's show Jim talks about Karine Jean- Pierre claiming the Biden videos are "Cheap Fakes," Rory O'Neil joins the show to discuss who could potentially be Donald Trump's running mate, and you have to hear the new slogan for Boston

Daily Best of 06-17-24

On Monday's show Jim talks about President Joe Biden freezing up on stage at a fundraiser recently, Angel Reese takes another shot at Caitlyn Clark, and where is President Biden's family to save him from himself?

Breaking Bread with Joe Piantedosi 06-16-24

This weeks guests on Breaking Bread with Joe Piantedosi are legendary singer and entertainer, Donny Osmond as well as author, producer and Frank Sinatra's best friend Tony O.