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Millennials are changing the way people buy homes

Investors are striking gold all over again

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss why investors feel like they are striking gold all over again. The Dow hit 40,000. Does it matter? Fed officials suggest interest rates should stay higher for longer. BlackRock's Rieder says cut, not hike, would tame inflation. Is there anything to back up his claim? China is finally getting serious about a housing rescue. Pittsfield, MA is one of the best places to retire, according to Forbes.

Baby Boomers who are renting are loving the freedom

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss why many baby boomers are relishing the freedom that comes with being a renter. Florida and Texas show signs of home prices falling. What are the two factors that help determine who is being impacted by inflation the most? Microsoft asks hundreds of China-based AI staff to consider relocating amid US/China tensions. Can we finally solve the tipping nonsense in the US?

Is the stock market really back in rally mode?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss what has led markets to all-time highs this week. US jobless claims come back down after last week's 9-month high. Housing starts rebound in April but building permits extend slump. Chuck has a big problem with inflation optimists. Walmart posts sales growth, raises earnings outlook for the year. Venu Sports introduced as name for forthcoming sports streaming service.

Ask Todd: Do's and Don'ts of Life Estate Planning

Todd Lutsky shares his insight on some of the best practices and worst practices when developing a life estate. Todd also explains how to know your trust is actually being funded and what the impact is if it is not being funded.

Best and Worst price changes over the past year

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti share a list of the best and worst price changes over the previous year. Is Jamie Dimon correct in urging the government to address the current deficit? Americans bills are mounting up and more people are missing their payments. Is Google making a major mistake with their new vision for their search engine? 

Are we finally getting a little relief from inflation?

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss the April CPI report that showed inflation is easing but consumer spending drops. What is causing the rapid rise in car insurance rates? Todd Lutsky stops by to share some of the Do's and Dont's of life estate planning.

Why has the meme craze returned right now?

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane discuss GameStop continuing to surge as the meme stock craze returns. Massachusetts takes Uber and Lyft to trial over status of gig workers. New Florida law roils its condo market three years after Surfside collapse. Sky-high housing costs propel construction of rental homes. What's on TV? For many Americans, it's now YouTube.

Wholesales prices deal another blow to the Feds inflation battle

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane react to the PPI data that come in hotter than expected. What forecasters say about interest rates and why they disagree. Home Depot misses on revenue, as high interest rates hurt sales. Biden levies sweeping tariffs on China, intensifying trade fight with Trump. Is it time to rethink the 4% retirement withdrawal rule? Janet Yellen's new too-big-to-fail firms.

Why are economists worried about falling birthrates?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss the suddenly worrying trend in falling birthrates across the globe. Global chips battle intensifies with $81B subsidy surge. Can your investment portfolio relfect your values? Judge blocks new US rule limiting credit card late fees. Gamestop soars 60% as 'Roaring Kitty', who drove mem craze, resurfaces. Planet Fitness will raise its $10 membership plan for the first time in 26 years.