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Ask Todd: Gifting assets shouldn't be complicated, but it is

Insiders are betting big that November's rally will continue

Chuck Zodda and Paul Lane discuss how insiders are buying up stocks in a possible sign that November's rally has room to run. GM plans $10B stock buyback in a bid to assuage investors. Apple pulls the plug on the Goldman credit-card partnership. Disney's Bob Iger plays down asset sales and vows to build a modern version of the company. Amazon introduces 'Q', an AI chatbot for companies. Lawsuit against Tree House is a classic small business struggle. Mark Cuban sells a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks.

Charlie Munger's lasting impact on the investment world

Chuck Zodda and Paul Lane discuss the passing and lasting impact of famed investor and Warren Buffett's partner, Charlie Munger. Unhappy American consumers will welcome a slower economy. Todd Lutsky drops by for 'Ask Todd.' Todd shares his insights into how to go about using a gifting strategy in your estate plans.

Americans love to spend money and continue breaking shopping records

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane discuss Cyber Monday online shopping spree forecasts to break record. Retailers, streaming services and others vie to build their own ad business. The pension: that rare retirement benefit gets a fresh look. High mortgage rates and housing costs pose new problems for couples who are divorcing. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is the #1 place to retire, according to silly studies. U.S. Whiskey is 'collateral damage' in trans-atlantic trade fight.

How bad has the cost-of-living squeeze become for Americans?

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane wonder just how bad the cost-of-living squeeze is getting for Americans. Why do many people not believe the economy data that shows wages haven risen higher than inflation? President Biden wants corporations to 'stop the price gouging', but it seems like most companies are not price gouging. Investors see interest-rate cuts coming soon, recession or not. Value stocks looked like they were making a comeback, until the AI madness happened. Microsoft needs a better seat at OpenAI's table.

Why is everyone so unhappy at work right now?

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss investors see interest-rate cuts coming soon, recession or not. Investors are hungry for risk, and holding record cash sums. Why is everyone so unhappy at work right now? Can instagrammable design lure young workers back? New and used cars are finally coming back down to reasonable price points.

Americans won't stop spending money. Black Friday sales reach $9.8 billion.

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss black friday spending coming in strong. How people pay for gifts is upending retailers. American borrowers are getting closer to maxing out. The biggest delivery business in the US is no longer UPS or FedEx. White House touts new supply chain measures as inflation eases. Owners keep combie malls alive even when towns want to pull the plug.

Ask Todd: How does a gifting strategy work in an estate plan?

Todd Lutsky explains why a gifting strategy might be the best option in your estate plan. Todd also answers questions from the audience about their estate plans.

Why do some people say the economy is great when prices say otherwise?

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss consumers who complain about the economy, but they will keep cash registers ringing this holiday season. Understanding why economists think this economy is great while people can only see high prices at stores. American Airlines flight attendants ask for permission to strike. The best dogs for your wallet.

The wild week for Sam Altman and OpenAI

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss the wild swings in the ongoing story of Sam Altman and OpenAI. Nvidia's sales surge, with no end in sight for the AI boom. Todd Lutsky stops by for his segment, 'Ask Todd', where he shares his insight into how a gifting strategy might be best for your estate plans.