Worcester and Springfield Best Boston In Eclipse

Eastern Mass is not the best place to observe today's Great American Solar Eclipse. Head west and enjoy the view.

Hurry up, get your safety glasses, make your viewing boxes, bring the pets indoors, and for God's sake don't look at the eclipse with your naked eye!

Massachusetts and the rest of New England are far from the path of totality, but at least we will experience a partial solar eclipse. When the solar eclipse reaches the east coast, the southeast will experience a more complete view and those along the South Carolina coast will see a "total" or 100 percent solar eclipse. The partial solar eclipse will be visible in Massachusetts around 2:46 p.m. ET. 

Massachusetts is more than 900 miles from South Carolina. The best views in the Bay State are from western and central Mass. Boston will witness 63 percent of the sun covered by the moon, but those of us in Worcester and Springfield will see a 65 percent partial solar eclipse.

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