Will Local Media Expose Hit Piece on Republican?

Altered video "shows" City Councillor & Republican Committee Chair Michael Gaffney hitting reporter. How long will local press remain silent.

I'm not here shilling for Michael Gaffney. He does not need my help to defend himself against a less than amateur job of altering a video in a ridiculous attempt to make it appear that Gaffney attacked a reporter during a February rally of Antifa thugs and morons in downtown Worcester. You never see Gaffney in the video, but audio of his voice is sloppily dubbed in. Whether you like him or not, no one can envision Gaffney pushing a reporter as they attempted to record protesters chanting, "Who’s streets? Our Streets” and “No cops, no KKK, no fascist USA.” This is a non story except for the fact much of the local media would make it a lead story if the victim of the faked video was a member or associate of the McGovern Crime Family or some social justice warrior. 

Think about it. What if the video was altered to appear as if Mayor Joseph Petty attacked a protester? Wait a minute, scratch that. After seeing the video, Petty would admit he hit the reporter because people told him he did it. The next day, at a hastily organized press conference, Petty would retract that admission and introduce a man in an orange jump suit wearing a ball gag. That man would claim he is the person in the video. An expert in water color paintings would then examine the video and say it exonerates the Mayor.

For the record, here's a LINK to the story of the protest from the Telegram's ace reporter Kim Ring. In addition to not appearing anywhere in the reporting, Gaffney was on a plane returning from vacation at the exact moment of the protest. You probably did not need this much detail to be convinced. 

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