From the Wrack: Heart Stones

Photo: Geis, Joseph (uploader)

Heart Stones

Over the years I have learned that having more than one thing to search for can make walking our beautiful beaches even more enjoyable. If you follow this blog you know as I walk I look for sea glass but I also look for other things as well. I look for shells, wood, seeds (believe it or not they float onto our beaches from all over the globe), unique sea life andHeartStones. 

HeartStones are stones that either shaped as a heart or have a heart inside them. I don’t find very many. This is most of my collection, they are fun to find. If you look closely, next to the biggest heart in the center, you will see that heart is actually Sea Glass. Dark Green Sea Glass. It is the only piece I have ever seen like that.

Keep the sun on your face and the wind at your back and enjoy Beachcombing!!

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