Baker Calls For Tax Reductions And Protections For Those In Need


Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has delivered his last State of the State Address before a joint session of the legislature.

Speaking at the Hynes Convention Center- because of Covid protocols the Governor told lawmakers that his administration worked to transform government for the better. But he also said lawmakers will have a lot more work to do.

The Governor called Lt Governor Karyn Polito one of the finest political leaders and people he has ever known.

As for policy- the Governor made a pitch for tax relied. He said he would call on the state legislature to eliminate the state income tax on the lowest paid 230 thousand people in the state so they could devote that money to improving their lives.

He wants to see a bigger income tax deduction for renters.

Another bond bill for transportation is on its way to lawmakers- that will take advantage of the the federal infrastructure bill that was signed into law by the President.

He also said he wants to reform domestic abuse laws to protect women in particular.

And he said he would continue to push for climate change legislation.

And the Governor called on the state to lead to change the way politics is seen in this day and age.

The Governor said:

“At a time when so much of our public dialogue is designed to destroy trust, to manipulate facts, and to pull people apart. We’ve partnered with one another, and shared success and blame along the way.


We should continue to focus on building and maintaining positive, collaborative relationships. Because they work for the people we serve and it’s what most voters expect from us.


They want us to work hard and collaborate the same way they do. To listen to them as if they were our neighbors, because they are. To appreciate their life stories the same way we expect them to appreciate ours.


They want us to knock off the noise and focus on building better, stronger communities from one end of the Bay State to the other.


Me too.” 

The Governor delivered his address from the Hynes Convention Center because the Statehouse is still closed to the public because of the pandemic.

(Photo by CHRIS VAN BUSKIRK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)



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