Finally A Potential End To Long Worcester Nurses Strike

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh quietly entered into the St Vincent Hospital negotiations with striking nurses Friday and brokered a deal which could end the longest strike in state history.

Walsh did not speak to reporters after the deal was reached but he did tweet that he applauded both sides for coming to the bargaining table to reach a deal.

Nurses are meeting Saturday to go over what is in that deal.

Little is known about what was structured by the Labor Secretary. But what we do know is that all striking nurses will return to work. All replacement workers are keeping their jobs.

The hospital did take 80 beds off line because of staffing issues. It is also unclear how long it will take for those beds to be brought back to action.

The strike of more than 9 months was the longest strike in state history.

(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

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