Native American Tools: Stemless Knives and Adena Blades

Sometimes when you walk the beach you stumble upon something that is 100’s if not 1000’s of years old. That was the case when I found a 2,000-3,000 year old Stemless Knife. They look a bit like an arrowhead but they are shaped differently. This is shaped in a way that has a very sharp edge. It can still cut today!! This was used to cut many things. Meat, vegetables, wood etc. A simple tool that you could carry that was very sharp and could cut anything you would need cut. A very helpful tool. In the Ohio River Valley, the Adena’s perfected this tool and all of these types of cutters from the Midwest are called that; an Adena Blade. I am including a couple of links so that you can see the local version, the stemless knife:

Stemless Knives

Bulletin of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society article:

Ohio River Valley Adena Blade

From website Projectile Points

It is always fun to find wonderful things and just as much fun, if not more, when you get home and do the research to TRY and figure out what you found!! 

Hoping as you Beachcomb the Southern Wind is at your back!

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