Student: Hate Has A Home At UMass (AUDIO)

I received this letter from a UMass student last week:

Hello Jim. My mom is an avid listener of yours, and this morning she heard your segment on the UMass Amherst signs saying that hate is not welcome at UMass. She told me to talk to you because I do attend UMass Amherst and I am openly conservative, often wearing my trump hat around campus. Jim, I wanted to let you know a little bit of my story here at that we have a problem at UMass. The flagship of public education in Massachusetts. Just this morning, I was stopped by someone who repeatedly called me racist, asking me if I'm proud to be a nazi. I am repeatedly bumped and honked or glared at, and wherever I go, I hear people talking negatively about me to each other within earshot. I don't actually have the courage to wear it in class, because I do know my professors are very liberal, some openly Marxist, and I truly feel as if I would be discriminated in class. Even more ironically, if you enter the library at UMass, two signs will greet you: one sign says "hate is not welcome at UMass" and the one right next to it says "the library is for everyone". I chuckle every time I see it, because hate is NOT welcome at UMass.... unless it is hate for a white, straight, conservative, christian male. Then it is greeted with open arms. The reason why I persist in wearing this hat is not because I think of myself as an esoteric or even a provocateur, I wear this hat on campus because capitalism, individualism, Christian values, and national pride are what made and makes this country truly great. I relish every opportunity to share these values with the people who stop me in the library or classroom. But here at UMass, no one cares who you really are, only how you vote. I'm writing to tell you that hate is very much alive in Amherst, Jim.

Click HERE for the podcast of my interview with this incredible young man.

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