Plastic Shopping Bags Are Going. Is Take Out Next?

"Ignorant Green Prejudice" is driving stupid ideas and bans that ultimately waste more precious resources like water, power, and money.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 05: Plastic bags sits in a Manhattan trash can on May 05, 2016 in New York City. New York's City Council is scheduled to vote Thursday on a bill that would require most stores to charge five cents per bag in an effort to cut down on plastic waste. New York's sanitation department estimates that every year 10 billion bags are thrown in the trash.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

In my town, the environazis have made plastic shopping bags verboten. When I go to the supermarket, I have to remember to bring in my own bags or fork over some "green" for a paper bag. I don't blame the store because paper costs 400% more than plastic. I blame the idiots who believe they made the world better with their "Ignorant Green Prejudice." I didn't coin the term, but it's perfect and their next target is your take out container. They want to eliminate the dreaded polystyrene. This is another bit of stupidity. 

Currently, polystyrene containers make up about 2% of the waste stream headed to landfills. If they were to be banned and replaced with paper containers, your linguine with mussels would be colder than Hillary Clinton's heart. Not to mention the leaking and spilling. Plus, small business owners will be forced to charge more for paper takeout containers. Again, it costs four times as much to produce paper containers than it does to make polystyrene. It also wastes more water, power, and money.

Here's some common sense. Instead of replacing cheap plastics with expensive paper, why not encourage recycling? Come up with creative ideas to keep plastic out of the waste stream. Recycling paper is fine too, but why not stick with the cheaper option? The answer is simple: Environazis prefer bans and hate plastic.

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