Sen. Chandler: Teach Anal Sex To 12 Year Old Kids.


A few things before we start. First, I don't care what people do to or with each other provided that it is consensual and no children or animals are involved. Second, I know the average unsupervised 12 year old with a smart phone can view people engaged in activities that I did not know existed or were possible until my college years. Finally, I have a not always agreed with Senate Majority Leader Harriette Chandler (D) Worcester, but I have always respected her. Unfortunately, Senator Chandler has done something that has me seriously questioning whether she deserves my respect.

So what could be so bad? The answer is simple. Senator Chandler has aligned herself with the radical leftist principle that the state, not parents, know what's best for children. Harriette Chandler voted in favor of a mandate requiring your 12 year old kid receive proper instruction in anal sex and the use of Saran Wrap as a makeshift dental dam to protect against STD's while performing oral sex on another's genitals or anus. 

Last Thursday, on a vote mostly along party lines (31-6), the Massachusetts Senate passed Bill 2113 “An Act Relative to Healthy Youth. The bill would mandate that all Massachusetts public schools provide “comprehensive sexual health education.” The planned curriculum for the mandate is called "Get Real" and has been prepared in part by Planned Parenthood. It provides instructions for 12 year olds on how to perform oral sex, anal sex, and other sexual activities in a state where the age of consent is 16. 

An amendment was offered allowing parents to decide whether they want their seventh grader to participate in the program but it failed to garner enough support. Senator Chandler fought hard against the amendment. She believes that if parents keep their children out of the of the program kids will die from HIV/AIDS. That's the typical liberal argument on many issues. If you don't do this, people will die. She also argued against allowing a parental opt in/out by claiming it would create an unnecessary bureaucratic burden on schools. What?! A Democrat is concerned about bureaucracy? She wants to contain the growth of government? 

If this bill becomes law, local school districts and systems will be stripped of their right to decide what is best for their community. Senator Chandler, if you are genuinely concerned about the burden of bureaucracy, why are you supporting another massive state-wide one size fits all mandate on our public schools? Your explanation is either stupid or hypocritical and I know you're not stupid. 

Read more from the New Boston Post. 

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