McGovern Uses Same Inflammatory Speech As Shooter

Nearly all of Congressman Jim McGovern's (D-Worcester) tweets are attacks on Trump and the GOP. His language is hateful and demeaning.

Congressman Jim McGovern's social media pumps out attacks on President Trump and Republicans nearly every day. He calls the President a liar, racist, unfit, unhinged, shameful, callous, dumb, reckless, pathetic, cruel, heartless, a danger to our planet, and a danger to our future. He says Trump's policies will cause children to starve and the sick to die. 

He also uses words and phrases like resist, fight, kill the bill, and the hashtag #TheResistance. That hashtag is used by liberal activists, violent protesters, and anarchists. 

Here's a sampling from just the past three months:

Get the point?

The Jim Polito Show

The Jim Polito Show

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