Congressman Neal Is Missing From Small Towns

Congressman Richie Neal ignores small towns in his own district while scooping up big donations from out his district. How can you say you're for the little guy if you don't give him a little time?

Congressman Richie Neal should be on the side of a milk carton in the towns of Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, Huntington, Middfield, Plainfield, Westhampton, and Williamsburg. According to a group called Indivisible Williamsburg, The man with the biggest Massachusetts district is ignoring his small town constituents. Indivisible Williamsburg placed the above "Missing" ad in the Daily Hampshire Gazette on Saturday. It calls out Neal for ignoring his rural constituents. The ad says Neal has not visited the towns in five years and asks him to schedule town hall meetings.  

These are not the only people calling out Neal for his absenteeism. Last week, a Berkshire Eagle editorial called on Neal to spend time in the western county. The Greenfield Recorder made the same demands of the "absentee" representative last year.

Neal's spokesperson Billy Tranghese told Masslive that the congressman has held nearly 50 public events in Western and Central Massachusetts since January. This figure is suspect and I'm assuming it includes "public" events when Neal showed up at ribbon cuttings not town hall meetings where he would have to take questions directly from his constituents. Long time listeners to this show will remember that Tranghese is the Neal flack who called me and demanded that I have the congressman on my show and not ask him any tough questions. All the details are in the video below:


Neal is now the ranking member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. Don't be impressed, while the committee is important Neal did not get the post because he's smart or talented. The ranking member simply means he's been in congress longer than any other committee member. It's kind of like never receiving an Oscar, but you hang around in Hollywood long enough that they give you a participation trophy called a "Lifetime Achievement" award. 

So where has Congressman Neal been spending all of his time? The answer is simple. Neal is raising millions of dollars from outside his district because individuals and special interest groups want to influence his committee votes. He's also giving $1 out of every $6 he collects to other democratic candidates with the goal of winning a majority in the House. Then Neal would have a leadership position that actually meant something. Sorry Williamsburg, you can't do anything to help Neal in that quest. Even if each one of your 2,400 residents pitched in a dollar it would still not be enough to get Neal's attention. 

Would you like to see all the cash Neal collects from outside his district? Click HERE for a complete report.

Finally, several people commented on social media that they frequently see Congressman Jim McGovern (McGovern Crime Family) in Western Mass towns of his district and they wish he was their congressman. I say be careful what you wish for.

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