Griffin Crying Is The Only Time She Made Me Laugh

Years before Kathy Griffin posed with a prop of Trump's severed head she tried to knock the head off of an Obama critic.

I'll explain, but first check out the video of Griffin crying because she's being "bullied" by President Trump. It's the only thing she's ever done on camera that made me laugh.


Oh, Boo hoo Kathy you're a hypocrite. Allow me to present irrefutable evidence.

Griffin used to have a talk show on the Bravo network called Kathy. When Barrack was up for reelection, he made an appearance on The View. Griffin played a clip from Obama’s appearance and blasted Elisabeth Hasselbeck for her “attitude to the President, who was a Harvard Law professor." She classed it up by telling Hasselbeck to, "take it down a notch, bitch.”

Hasselbeck was challenging Obama's stance on gay marriage. At no point did she attempt to behead the President.

Click HERE for a complete story from Mediaite which includes video of Griffin's hypocritical rant. Linked page contains EXPLICIT MATERIAL and is NSFW.

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