There is a wild caveman inside all of us.

It's called "Caveman Reflex Syndrome" or CSR and it's in our DNA. Some of us recognize this inner beast and can control what we inherited from our primitive ancestors. Sadly, there are those who are ignorant to CRS and are controlled by it every time a storm approaches. It's too late to help those who have already fallen victim to CSR that was triggered by the current blizzard, but I'm writing this to spare them from the grip of this cave dwelling brute the next time it snows.

Consider our ancestors. They relied on animal instinct more than intellect. These primitive humans lived in a brutal world where the fight to survive was a constant battle. Cavemen did not receive regular updates from Meteorologist Tommy B, but like the family dog, they could sense trouble before it was apparent.

The caveman would furiously gather food and hunker down in shelter when he sensed the approach of snowfall. Cavemen knew that much of what they ate would soon be hidden under a blanket of white. The berries, nuts and other vegetation would be buried or destroyed. Many of the animals that were prey for early man would themselves be concealed in their shelters.

Tens of thousands of years has brought modern man to a point where food is readily available and survival is much easier. However, nearly all of civilization's advancements are erased when local TV stations report computer models show a possible nor'easter. The quest for bread and milk becomes as desperate as the panicked foraging for nuts and berries. It's a good thing we don't carry clubs anymore because the dairy section or bakery could become a bloodbath. "Attention CSI, clean up in aisle seven!"

Like any other self improvement, the recognition of a problem is the first step. Now it's time for you to begin the difficult quest of taming the beast.

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