'Millennial Bonnie and Clyde' Arrested For Murder After Monthslong Manhunt

Oliver Karafa, un "Lucy" Lu Li

Photo: Hamilton Police Service

A couple dubbed the "millennial Bonnie and Clyde" were captured after a months-long international manhunt. Authorities have been searching for Yun "Lucy" Lu Li, 25, and her boyfriend Oliver Karafa, 28, after they allegedly shot two people in Canada in February.

Tyler Pratt, 28, was killed in the shooting, and his 26-year-old pregnant fiancée was seriously injured and lost her child. She has since been released from the hospital and continues to recover from her injuries.

"We've gone through a devastating time," Pratt's mother, Jonni Yeomans, told The Daily Beast. "We've lost a grandbaby through it, as well as our son. She was expecting. So it's been very devastating for us."

After the shooting, Li and Karafa fled to eastern Europe, where they managed to evade authorities for four months. They made stops in Slovakia and the Czech Republic before they ended up in Hungary. The duo didn't keep a low profile while they were on the run, posting selfies on their joint Instagram account, which is now private.

They were eventually tracked down by bounty hunters in Hungary as they left their Airbnb in the trendy 6th District of Budapest, the Toronto Sun reported.

Li and Karafa were taken to a Hungarian prison where they spend 23-hours a day locked in a cell while they await extradition to Canada to face murder charges.

"They're allowed out of their cells for just one hour a day. The prison itself follows all the EU rules," Dr. Christopher Jano told the Sun. "But for trendy, young rich kids, the hard part will be being insulated from the world. No Facebook, no mobile phone, no social media."

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