A jury has convicted former Probation Commissioner John O'Brien and former deputies Elizabeth Tavares and William Burke III on charges of conspiracy to commit racketeering.

The verdict follows a weeks-long trial in which prosecutors in the office of U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz made their case that probation officials fixed the hiring system at the department to ensure that jobs went to politically connected individuals while making it appear that the agency had a thorough screening and hiring process.

The jury found that probation hires at an electronic monitoring facility had been proven as an illegal gratuity, but not bribery.

It was an emotional scene in the courthouse where many individuals were crying and an ambulance had arrived, delivering a stretcher to the courtroom.

Sentencing was set for Tuesday, Nov. 18.

While none were charged, numerous lawmakers were called to the witness stand in the case and pressed by prosecutors in connection with allegations that probation jobs were doled out by the agency to Rep. Robert DeLeo's office.

The verdicts were announced after a week of deliberations and with the state Senate in session debating housing authority legislation.

The House met Thursday but adjourned for the weekend in the morning, before the verdict was announced.