A handwritten manuscript of Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" was sold today in New York at rich people's eBay, Sotheby's auction house, for $2.045 million to an unidentified bidder. The early draft of the lyrics, written on stationery from the Roger Smith Hotel in Washington, was vaunted by Sotheby's as "the only known surviving draft of the final lyrics for this transformative rock anthem."

As reported by Rolling Stone, the draft is chock-full of ancillary details only a rich, possibly obsessive Dylan fan would want to know. Also: doodles!

Still, the sheets do feature some lyrics that didn't make the final cut, including the phrase, "…dry vermouth/You'll tell the truth" and an abandoned line about Al Capone. The lyrics also show Dylan's various attempts to build a rhyme off of the "How does it feel" line with phrases like, "it feels real," "does it feel real," "get down and kneel," "raw deal" and "shut up and deal." The draft — written at the Roger Smith Hotel in Washington D.C. — also boasts some of Dylan's stray thoughts and doodles.