Bay State high school logos from the Tewksbury Redmen to the Wakefield Warriors could be history after yesterday’s bombshell trademark ruling against the Washington Redskins breathed new life into the fight against Native American mascots, said two opposing advocates.

More than 40 high schools in Massachusetts use Native American images or names — but maybe not for long after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled the Redskins name is offensive.

“There are absolutely concerns. The biggest concern should be in Tewksbury because their nickname is the Redmen as well,” said Erich Thalheimer of Natick, who’s fighting to bring the same logo back to his hometown high school.

“The politically correct police,” Thalheimer added, are tough to beat.

Natick High changed its team name to the “Redhawks” about seven years ago after a townwide battle that divided the community.