HARVARD -- The Immaculate Heart of Mary School is back in the parade after learning that MassEquality was rejected.

The South Boston Allied War Veterans Council alleged that LGBT Veterans for Equality misled them, stating on their application that they had 20 willing veterans to march, according to a press release.

At the closed-door meeting on Sunday, the council said it was clear that the group only had one proposed veteran to march.

"It is our belief that the application submitted to us by LGBT Veterans for Equality was a ploy by them to enter this parade under false pretenses and is hereby denied," the group says in the press release.

Yet MassEquality has stated that it will not march unless it can do so openly. MassEquality has not yet released a statement regarding the council's decision.

With the group's rejection, the school will march with a float and its marching band once again this year.

"We heard the good news that the applicaton by MassEquality was rejected, so we're back in," said Brother Thomas Dalton, principal of the school. "The students were very happy when I announced that this morning."

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