SCITUATE, Mass. ( -- It may be May, but the water in Scituate is only a bone chilling 47 degrees, and yet two girls went running in the water in their bathing suits Friday.

It's the thrill people feel afterwards that has inspired polar plunges for years. In Scituate, just like in South Boston, groups take the plunge on New Year's Day often for charity. But now a new polar plunge is becoming popular and it’s a challenge high school students are issuing one another over social media.

“On Facebook like someone will take a video and they'll nominate someone else and they'll keep nominating like other people,” Scituate high school sophomore Olivia said.

Olivia ran in and out of shallow water with classmate Lydia. They were trying to be smart about it, but that wasn't the case Thursday when a 17-year-old Scituate high school boy disregarded no trespassing signs and jumped off a 25 foot high ledge into ocean.