Man, do we wallow.

In case you happen to be unaware, today is the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon terror bombings. And next week is the marathon itself.

So buckle in. We're about to be swamped by a tsunami of media-induced pathos.

The TV networks are gearing up with a seemingly endless wave of specials and slickly-produced packages, most accompanied by the maudlin, soulful violin strings designed to evoke maximum sadness and grief. Newspapers are in full-blown anniversary flower and the "Boston Strong" motto is everywhere: Tweeted and posted. Plastered on T-shirts, coffee mugs and bumpers of cars.

We're told that the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth is still struggling to heal, because one of the alleged bombers matriculated there. Meanwhile, the Boston Athletic Association and John Hancock have produced a new marathon app for iPhone and Android. The slogan reads, "This year, we're all Boston Marathoners."