LAREDO, Texas—Breitbart Texas caught an attempted illegal entry from Mexico on camera. The attempt occurred in broad daylight in the center of the Laredo, Texas. Two men can be seen crossing the Rio Grande River that separates the U.S. and Mexico on Texas’ southern border. 

The stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border between Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico has been especially neglected by federal and state authorities and has become a hotbed of narco-trafficking activities for Mexican cartels, specifically the Los Zetas.

It is important to note that the area where the men crossed is one of the few staffed areas in what is known by U.S. authorities as the Laredo sector. A trusted Border Patrol source spoke with Breitbart Texas on the matter and said that the Los Zetas allow illegal immigrants to cross in the urban area, but prevent them from crossing a little further upstream. The source stated that the reason for this is that having a high number of illegal immigrants crossing in the urban area results in Border Patrol assigning agents to that area, thus leaving the upstream area without a law enforcement presence.