Liberal news organizations rejoice over the toppling of O'Reilly, but people who work in glass newsrooms...

I don't know for sure if Bill O'Reilly is a serial sexual harasser, but I'm inclined to believe there's some guilt there. 

If you have a daughter who's seeking a career in media she will likely be sexually harassed at least once during her tenure in the business. It's a cesspool. I'm not just talking about newsrooms. Does anyone truly believe that all casting couches for both men and women have been removed from Hollywood offices? Broadway? 

I can back that up because I witnessed it in newsrooms. I offered to help, but the answer was almost always the same: No. Most of the women I knew declined to report it because they were afraid it would disrupt their career path. I have talked with others who tolerated it until their contract ended with the hope they could move out and up to another news market. I also knew women who were not bothered by it and played along. They said it was part of a game the same way an ambitious male employee would cozy up to the boss by talking sports. Finally, I knew one woman who stepped forward and her boss was fired. She's no longer working in media, but I don't know whether or not that was her choice.

Media is fertile ground for sexual harassment because success is usually attained by some combination of talent and a lucky break. Attractive people seeking a few coveted spots invests bosses with the power of making "stars." There are some who abuse that power and others who do not. The bad apples should all be thrown out, but that's not happening right now. 

Like in politics, conservatives in media are not treated equally when it comes to accusations of sexual harassment. Clinton and Kennedy get a pass, Clarence Thomas does not. FOX may have had a heaping portion of harassers, but I know there's plenty of stink on personalities at the other cable news networks. How do I know that? Women who worked there told me. I don't expect The New York Times will invest the time and resources to dig into those newsrooms like they did at FOX.