Terry Moran has never been my cup of tea. I knew there was something about him I didn't like when I first saw him report as ABC News Chief White House Correspondent back in 1999. I used to tell a media colleague that Moran looked like a kid who would remind the teacher to assign homework as class was being dismissed for a long weekend.

He had a stint as co-anchor on Nightline. He was canned from that plum assignment in 2013 and made Chief Foreign Correspondent for ABC News. I take no pleasure in the misfortunes of others working in media. It's a ruthless business and one day it will be you who is tossed out for no good reason.

This past Sunday, Moran again proved why he is worthy of my scorn. During a round table for ABC News This Week, the Chief Foreign Correspondent said Trump was a laughingstock in European capitals. Moran is now based in London.

My first reaction was, who cares? I may not be enamored with everything Trump says or does, but I'll take him over European socialists and their liberal elite cheering squad here in the U.S. Europe exists thanks to past and present U.S protection and support. Without us, they'd all be speaking German or Russian and living under a totalitarian regime. 

The latest threat to Europe's freedom is self imposed due to their allowing un-vetted refugee hordes from the war torn Middle East. Islamic terrorism is alive and well in Europe and women are being told to dress more conservatively so as to avoid physical and sexual assault from some Muslim men. 

Are Europeans laughing at Trump because he's trying to prevent the same threat to our freedom? Remember, he who laughs last, laughs best.