walmart occupy wall street

Nothing says "fight the power" like an Occupy Wall Street poster purchased from

The grass-roots movement was organized to address economic and social inequality in the United States. It's fair to say that most of the people who participate in the protests aren't big fans of Walmart.

But apparently Walmart is a fan of the movement  or, at the very least, wants to capitalize off it. For those who take their shots of irony straight up with no chaser, is selling a panoramic photo of the lower Manhattan protest.

The print, which measures 27 by 9 inches, can be yours for $42.75. It's available only online through Walmart Marketplace via a third-party seller, according to the Huffington Post.

Mediaite reports that while each third-party seller requires Walmart's approval, "it’s unclear whether individual items for sale require approval."

While much of the coverage that powered Occupy's early days has dissipated, the group has repeatedly called out Walmart for its wages and worker benefits.

Last month, one Walmart location held a food drive for its own employees, leading many to wonder if that was an admission that the company did not pay its employees a living wage.

Yahoo News spoke with Ravi Jariwala, spokesman for Walmart media relations, who said that Walmart provides "a broad assortment of products to serve a diverse customer base."

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