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Ed Sheeran is giving fans a taste of his new music.  Concert-goers at his Tuesday night show have uploaded videos of the singer debuting a new song rumored to be called "So In Love." 

Tuesday marked a milestone in the British singer-songwriter's career, as he headlined his first solo show at New York's Madison Square Garden.  The new song came towards the end of his set. 

Videos show him trying to quiet down the crowd to explain that he'd written "So In Love" following the Grammy Awards earlier this year.  He seemed to hint at some of the criticism he faced at the time over the nomination of his song "The A Team."  

In a review of the concert, "Billboard" praised Ed's ability to turn the stadium into an intimate setting.  He also announced that the New York shows would be his last time playing the set of songs from his debut album.  The singer is gearing up for a new release in early 2014. 

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